Everyday Expression(日常)

「Kimochi yokatta–!」

This phrase means “It felt very good”.
This meaning may vary slightly depending on the ...

Everyday Expression(日常)

“Aete yokatta!(会(あ)えてよかった!)”

Did someone give you such a phrase?
Then you must be very attracti ...


“Orz” was often seen on one of the big bulletin boards in Japan, “2 channel (currently 5 channel)&# ...


If you are looking at Japanese SNS, you will often see a net slang called “ggrks”.

This word, which has begun t ...

Everyday Expression(日常)

Did you hear the word “Kakko ii(カッコイイ、恰好(かっこう)いい”?

This word often appears in Japanese everyday conversations.

Japanese fashion

(the image is from:

There are various fashion styles in Japan, including “Urahara kei” fashion.
“Urah ...

Everyday Expression(日常)

No one would feel bad, if that person has been said that he/she is “oshare”.

Because “oshare” means ...


“Kimoi” is an abbreviation for “Kimochi warui(きもちわるい:気持ち悪い)”.

It is literally an emotional expression that show ...


Although the artificial intelligence developed by a Google subsidiary is called DQN (deep Q-network), Japanese “DQN” ...

Everyday Expression(日常), Slang(スラング)

“Yabai” is a word widely used in Japan from young people to elderly people.

This word has been used since the E ...