What does “oishii desu ne / yo / ka” mean? おいしいです


oishii desu ne

The Japanese word “oishii(おいしい:美味しい)” means “delicious”.

The followings are examples of simple sentences using “oishii”.

“Oishii desu.”

おいしい です(美味しい です)。
It’s delicious.

Having “desu” at the end, it becomes a polite expression.

“Oishii desu ne.”
“Oishii desu yo.”

おいしい です ね(美味しい です ね)。
おいしい です よ(美味しい です よ)。
It is delicious.

“Ne” is used when requesting, confirming, being friendly or having got impressed.
“Yo” is often used when giving information to the person who doesn’t know about it.

Since these “ne” and “yo” expressions are colloquial, they are not used in documents.
However, it is not rude to use them in a business scene.

“Oishii desu ka?”

おいしい です か?(美味しい です か?)
Is it tasty?

“Honto ni oishii desu.”

ほんとう に おいしい です。(本当 に 美味しい です。)
It is really delicious.

“Sugoi oishii.”

すごい おいしい。(すごい 美味しい。)
It is very delicious.

“Totemo oishii desu.”

とても おいしい です。(とても 美味しい です。)
It is very delicious.


Looks delicious.