What does aete yokatta mean?会えてよかった!


aete yokatta

“Aete yokatta!(会(あ)えてよかった!)”

Did someone give you such a phrase?
Then you must be very attractive!

Or did you encounter the phrase in a Japanese movie, a drama, an anime or a book?

Let’s take a closer look at the phrase “aete yokatta”.

What does aete yokatta mean?

“Aete yokatta

This means “I’m glad to meet you”.

Depending on the situation it also has the following meanings.

“Anata ni deaete yokatta”
あなた に 出会(あ)えて よかった。
I’m happy that we met.
I’m glad I met you.

“Mata aete yokatta
また 会(あ)えて よかった。
It was good to see you again.

“Yatto kazoku ni aete yokatta desune.”
やっと 家族(かぞく) に 会(あ)えて よかった ですね。
I’m glad that you could see your family!

“「Kono hon ni deaete hontou ni yokatta desu.”
この 本(ほん) に 出会(であ)えて 本当(ほんとう)に よかったです。
I’m so glad to have come across this book.

It would be nice if someone said that you.
Or, why don’t you use it if there is a chance?