What does the Japanese word “oshare” mean? おしゃれ?お洒落?



No one would feel bad, if that person has been said that he/she is “oshare”.

Because “oshare” means that the person’s clothes, hairstyle, dress, and makeup are fashionable. It is also called “oshare” when you have a good sense of choosing items such as cars, furniture, accessories, cafes, and restaurants. In addition, it is also used for things and places that capture trends and have a good sense.

Example usage of “oshare”

“Oshare” is used as follows:

Kyou no anata no doresu, oshare da ne.
Your dress today is cool.

Kotoshi torendo no gaucho pantsu tte oshare da yo ne.
Gaucho pants, that are the trend this year, are fashionable.

Ano atarashii omise no fun-iki wa totemo oshare desu.
(あの あたらしい おみせ の ふんいき はとても おしゃれ です。)
The atmosphere of that new shop is very chic.

Saikin no nihon danshi wa oshare na hito ga ooi.
(さいきん の にほんだんし は おしゃれ な ひと が おおい。)
Many Japanese boys nowadays are stylish.

Konban wa paatii dakara oshare wo shite ikou.
I will dress-up this evening because of the party!

What is the difference between “oshare” and “share”?

Taking “o” from “oshare” becomes the word “share(しゃれ)” which means “playful”, “joke”, “witty” or something like that.

Both “oshare” and “share” are used in Japan.

One theory states that “share” originates from the word “sare(され:曝れ・晒れ)”. The meaning is that something has been exposed to sunlight and its color has faded cleanly.
People in the old days enjoyed seeing the surrounding scenery and objects changing their color and shape as the seasons changed and years passed.

In ancient times, the word “sare” meant that someone was sharp, smart, clever or tactful.
It changed to the word “share” in the Muromachi period.
Then, people in the Edo period added the prefix “o” and expressed the words in a polite sense when they described someone or something had an elegant appearance.

Recently, Japanese youth often use the word “osare(オサレ)” on the Internet.

“Osare” has a kind of similar meaning as “oshare” but is used differently.

“Osare” contains a little irony.
For example, suppose someone dressed up came to a party. The person took a long time to choose clothes and do her make up.
But unfortunately, she thinks she has a good sense, but the people around her do not.
It is the word that is used when there is a temperature difference in their way of thinking.

Also, suppose if someone is dressed up, who usually doesn’t care about clothes at all. In such a case, the person may use the word “Oh, this is just osare” to hide her shyness.

“Share-otsu(しゃれおつ、シャレオツ)” is a word with similar meaning.
This is a version of “oshare” intentionally inverted. This is common usage in industries such as the entertainment world.
This means that it is oshare, but depending on the context, it may be used in an ironic sense.

What is the opposite of “oshare”?

Opposite words for “oshare” include:

kakko warui(かっこ悪い)
sensu warui(センスわるい、センス悪い)
sensu yokunai(センスよくない、センス良くない)
sensu nashi(センスなし、センス無し)