What the meaning of Natsukashii? Hiragana and Kanji なつかしい



“Natsukashii” is a Japanese word (adjective) that expresses a feeling of being attracted to what you have seen or done in the past.

It is used like:

母校がなつかしい。(Boko ga natsukashii)
久しぶりだね、本当になつかしいなぁ。(Hisashiburi dane. Hontou ni natsukashii naa)
その本を見つけたとき、懐かしい気持ちでいっぱいになった。(Sono hon wo mitsuketa toki natsukashii kimochi de ippai ni natta)

Let’s take a closer look.

Natsukashii – the meaning and the origin

The English meaning “Natsukashii” will be as follows.

「Oh, this is so nostalgic!」
「I miss my hostmother in Japan」
「This book reminds me of my childhood.」
「This house bring me back old memories.」
「Good old days.」

“Natsukasii” is an adjective of the verb “natsuku” which means “to become familiar with”.
It was originally used to express an emotion like “I want to get used to it” “I want to keep it”.

It is 「なつかしい」in hiragana, 「懐かしい」in kanji.

(Boko ga natsukashii)
I miss my old school.

(Hisashiburi dane. Hontou ni natsukashii naa)
It’s been a long time, isn’t it? It brings back lots of memories!

(Sono hon wo mitsuketa toki natsukashii kimochi de ippai ni natta)
When I found the book, I was filled with nostalgic feelings.

(Kono shashin, natsukashii!)
This photo is so nostalgic! I haven’t seen it in such a long time.

(Natsukashii ne, ano koro ni modoritai yo.)
Those were the good old days, I wish I could go back.

Other examples of natsukashii

These are some examples of conjugated forms of natsukashii.

(Kono ongaku ni natsukashii omoide ga aru.)
I have fond memories of this music.

(Sazo, natsukashikarou. – This is a little old expression. 「なつかしいだろう(Natsukashii darou)」is more often used.
It must be so nostargic.

(Nijuu nen buru no kyuuyuu ni aete totemo natsukashikatta.)
Meeting my old classmates brougt a lots of memoris after 20 years.

(Mukashi sundeita ie wo natsukashikatta.)
I missed my old house.

(Kono shashin? Sonna ni natsukashiku nai yo.)
This photo? It doesn’t remind me of anything.

(Nantonaku natsukashikereba sorewa mou furui mono kamo shiremasen.)
If you feel nostalgic with it somewhat, it may be old.

(Natsukashikereba natsukashiihodo sorewa kanashii kioku ni naru.)
The more nostalgic, the more sad the memery becomes.

A short version of natsukashii?

Young Japanese recently have used the “natsui”.
It is an abbreviation for “natsukashii” and is used not only among some young people but by some TV celebrities.
Even so, many Japanese actually feel a little uncomfortable to hear the word.
They feel that “natsukashii” should be pronounced properly all the time and since there are only 2 letters missing with “natsui”. They also don’t feel any nostalgy with “natsui”.