If you like Japanese manga and anime, you may have heard the word “fujoshi(腐女子)” at least once.

This word has b ...

Everyday Expression(日常),Slang(スラング)

ike ike gal

Ike ike—!(イケイケー!)
Ike ike don don! (行け行けどんどん!)
Ike ike, go go! (いけいけゴーゴー!)
Otouto no atarashii kano ...

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Everyday Expression(日常),Slang(スラング)


There is a line that a Japanese comedian always says when he appears in TV shows and so on.
“Ramen(ラーメン、拉麺) ...

Everyday Expression(日常)


The word “mazui(まずい)” that often appears in Japanese conversations is used regardless of gender or age.
It has se ...

Everyday Expression(日常)

oishii umai

When Japanese feel “delicious”, “tasty”, “yummy” and the like, they often express “oishii” or ...

Everyday Expression(日常)

oishii desu ne

The Japanese word “oishii(おいしい:美味しい)” means “delicious”.

The followings are examples of ...

Everyday Expression(日常)


“Oshii —!”

This “oshii(惜しい:おしい)” is a word that often appears in Japanese conversation.
It is used in casua ...