What is Hime-Kaji fashion?


In order to talk about “hime-kaji” fashion, let me explain “hime-kei” fashion first.

Hime(姫:ひめ) means princess in English.
Kei(系:けい)means group, type or style.

You might be able to imagine now what “hime-kei(姫系)” fashion looks like. Yes, it is a very girlie style with gorgeous details like a princess’ dress.


It is not a party costume like Halloween.
Hime-kei fashion lovers are very serious about it.
Some of them passionately talk about the fashion in their SNSs such as which brands are best, how to coordinate styles or the differences between other similar fashions.

Most hime-kei items have a generous amount of laces, ruffles, ribbons, flares, gathers, chiffon, satin and the like.

Needless to point out, this fashion is very girlie and sweet.

Hime-kaji is helpful to offset the sweetness

A lot of frills and ribbons are very pretty but such style has a strong impact and a character. If you dressed in hime-kei style, many people around you might feel uneasy or embarrassed (maybe).

Now, hime-kaji style can help this.

Kaji (カジ) is used as an abbreviation of “casual (カジュアル)”.

So hime-kaji style is mixed coordination of hime style and casual style items, such as dress, skirt, ribbon, frill, pink, white, pastel colour go with casual items such as denim jacket and denim pants to add a spicy look.

With this way, the sweetness is offset.
For example, a combination of a soft pastel chiffon blouse with a pair of skinny leather pants would make stylish that you can enjoy a combination of sweetness and sharpness.
Such an opposite combination is enjoyable, of course, you need to pick up the right items.


With hime-kaji style, there is still some hime taste in it,
For those who really want to enjoy hime style but feel hesitant to dress the whole body, then hime-kaji will be the choice.

Also, not all hime-kei fashion lovers enjoy dressing up like that every day. Since it is too girlie, they enjoy it only on special opportunities and usually wear ordinary clothes that suit their lifestyle.

Hime Kaji Fashion is popular because it allows them to enjoy their usual outfit while having some hime taste at the same time.