What does kakkoii mean in japanese? かっこいい?カッコいい?


kakko ii

Did you hear the word “Kakko ii(カッコイイ、恰好(かっこう)いい”?

This word often appears in Japanese everyday conversations.
It is used regardless of gender or age.

Let’s take a closer look at “Kakko ii”.

What does “kakkoii” mean in Japanese?

First of all, “kakkoii” is used to mean as follows;

· cool
· sharp
· trendy
· classy
· sharp

As the above words, “kakko ii” is used in the same way.
It is used when people, things, or someone ’s fashion or appearance looks great when someone ’s attitude or behavior is very nice or attractive.

Strictly speaking, it is the correct way to say “kakkou ga ii(かっこうがいい、恰好が良い)”.

The word “kakkou” means:

· Suitable, affordable, or reasonable,
· Appearance, or a way of dressing
· State of things

The word “ii(いい、良い)” means “good”.
These two words and the particle “ga” are combined into the phrase “kakkou ga ii”.

And in the 1960s and 70s, there was a popular band called “Crazy Cats” in Japan.
They started using “kakko ii(カッコイイ、かっこいい、恰好いい)”, an abbreviation of “kakkou ga ii” in the performance.

And it is said that their word has spread to the public.
Also, it is easier to pronounce “kakko ii” in conversation, so many people say the ward in that way now.

Among young people (some adults), the term is also used as follows:
These are used in casual situations.

“Kaccho ii(かっちょいい)”

Iketeru” is a slang that is often used recently, and it is used in similar ways as “kakko ii”.

What is the opposite of “kakkoii”?

The opposite of “good” (ii) mentioned above is “bad (warui(わるい、悪い))”.
Therefore, it is “kakko warui(かっこわるい(カッコ悪い:格好悪い))”.

To put it correctly, it is “kakkou ga warui(かっこうがわるい、恰好が悪い)”.
If it says politely, it is “kakkou ga warui desu(かっこうがわるいです、恰好が悪いです”.

In the past tense “kakko warukatta(かっこ悪かった、カッコ悪かった)”
To put it right, “kakkou ga warukatta(かっこうがわるかった、恰好が悪かった)”
To say politely, “kakkouga warukatta desu(かっこうがわるかったです、恰好が悪かったです)”

So what is the past tense of “kakko ii”?

The past tense of “ii” is “yokatta(よかった、良かった)”.

Therefore it is “kakko yokatta(かっこよかった、カッコ良かった)”.
To put it correctly, it is “kakkou ga yokatta(かっこうがよかった、恰好が良かった)”.
If it says politely, it is “kakkou ga yokatta desu(かっこうがよかったです、恰好が良かったです)”.

Example usage of “kakko ii”

Atarashii dorama ni deteiru haiyuu san kakko ii!
The actor in the new drama is cool!

Bukatsu no senpai ga hontou ni kakko iindayo.
The club activities seniors are really handsome.

Waaa, ano hito no insta kakke—.
Wow, that person’s Instagram is stylish.

Omae gitaa hikeruno? Kakko ii jan.
You can play your guitar? That’s fantastic.

Kinou hajimete no deeto datta noni, saifu wasurechatte sa-.
Kakko warukatta yo.
I forgot my wallet even though it was my first date yesterday.
It was embarrassing.